My favorite mac apps

Posted on ε›› 10 δΈƒζœˆ 2014 in mac

I've been using my new Macbook Air for three weeks. Here is the list of my favorite apps.

  1. Alfred + power pack. I have only installed a few workflows like dash's official workflow, a flow to add entry to DayOne, a flow to file directory and open Finder and one for Evernote.
  2. Dash for snippet and document lookup. On Macbook Air, because of the SSD, dash is much faster than on my Mac mini. With its official alfred workflow, dash is amazingly handy.
  3. Iterm2.
  4. DayOne for journal.
  5. Evernote.
  6. nvALT. I use it to take notes on programming for quick reference. For example, git and linux commands, SQL templates. I know dash can manage code snippet, but I haven't studied how to use it yet.
  7. Todotxt for todo list. Just use it as an inbox.
  8. Chrome and firefox for web browsing. I use both of them.
  9. iA Writer for writing. My Macbook Air is 11', but iA Writer looks great on its small screen. Under full screen and with focus mode on, I can really focus on writing. (This blog is written in iA Writer.)
  10. MacVim for text edit. Sometime emacs for writing clojure.
  11. Slate for window management. Slate is an open source window manager and it takes some time to study and configure. (There are a few but useful and workable sample config files online.)
  12. PopClip. I just bought this one. So far I like its Evernote extension best. Select some text and just with one click, the text will be saved into Evernote. (The note is stored in native Evernote click which is faster than Evernote web clipper.)
  13. Vagrant for databases. I spent some time to study docker but found it not easy to setup an usable development environment on docker. For me, vagrant is good enough.
  14. Eggscellent for pomodoro timer. Free but powerful and easy to use. I tried some paid apps and found my money was wasted.