My goals in 2012

Posted on 一 19 三月 2012 in blog

It's March now, but I still need to set my goals in 2012.

  1. Restudy python, including advanced features, standard library and one WSGI framework.
  2. Shoot 100 photos which are good enough for me.
  3. Write my own blog theme.
  4. Keep journal everyday.
  5. Write a post at least per week.
  6. Finish my reciting of liuyi 5000.
  7. Finish another 50 lessons of English pod.

Update on 2014-07-02

  1. Partial done. However, I haven't used python for a while, so I'v forgottn most of advanced features I studied that time.
  2. Done. For more than 100 actually.
  3. Yes, but it is ugly...
  4. No. I imported all my journals from other platform(Evernote, Simplenote) to DayOne recently and I've only written 92 posts in 2012.
  5. No. I didn't maintain blog anymore.
  6. No. However I finally finished it in 2013.
  7. No. Forget the reason.