How to deploy Django applications

Posted on 五 17 七月 2015 in python

We have a lot of small Django applications deployed on a single Ali cloud server. Following is my current setup. (I’m not a Django expert nor a linux expert, I just hope this post will help someone like me)

Nginx as reverse proxy server.

Nginx’s performance is very well and much easier to configure than apache server.

dj-static to server static and media files

Nginx can do the same thing, but need to change file permissions of static and media files. Dj-static is easier to use.

Gunicorn as application server

Just use it following Django’s doc.

Supervisord to start or stop the gunicorn server

I used to use tmux to start or stop the gunicorn server until I came cross this post: Supervisor saved my life, because I run 5 Django applications and 5 java applications (run on jetty) on the server. I have 9 tmux sessions to start or stop these applications…